SP 21-26: Super-happy ending

Sister Princess episodes 21-26 review

SP 26

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE happy endings, and I normally hate something if the ending doesn’t have some hope. (Catching Fire is the only exception to this rule.) But this ending was almost TOO happy. After several episodes where we get development for the last few characters who hadn’t gotten any, Wataru goes back to Tokyo, seemingly forsaking his little sisters. But then he has a change of heart and goes back with them, and his friend Akio, who tried to get Wataru to stay in Tokyo, ends up joining Wataru on the island. In short, everybody’s happy!

And after all that… it was a very uplifting series, and a super-cute one. But is it one I’d recommend? Probably not. Unless you like watching cute girls do cute things, which is actually a genre in itself these days. All in all, though, I think Sister Princess accomplished its goal. What show will replace it in my lineup? Find out in a couple of weeks!

Overall series rating (out of four stars): **1/2

SP 16-20: Playing out the string

Sister Princess episodes 16-20 review

Sister Princesses

These five episodes proved to me for certain that Sister Princess is nothing more than a fun, happy, light-hearted, slice-of-life series. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, with no conflict whatsoever, there’s no reason for me to be invested. Jojo has its problems, but it has lots of conflict, so I keep on coming back. But in this case, the lack of conflict makes it so that I just don’t see any reason to get interested in it.

Also, there hasn’t nearly been enough Hinako. She’s my favorite character, and she’s got pushed to the side in favor of some of the other, less interesting characters. I hope to finish up this series next week in order to start up a new one following my March vacation.

Episodes 16-20 rating (out of four stars): **

SP 13-15: Slicy-of-lifey

Sister Princess episodes 13-15 review

SP 14

These episodes were okay, but the slice-of-life aspect of this show is causing it to seem as if every episode is the same. I liked how in the earlier episodes, the show tried to develop one character at a time. Now it’s trying too hard to feature all 12 sisters in a half hour, and it’s getting dull. The episodes blur together as a result, and I don’t really have much to say about them. Hopefully it changes in the upcoming episodes.

Episode 13 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 14 rating: **

Episode 15 rating; **

SP 8-10: Needs more Hinako

Sister Princess episodes 8-10 review


Hinako is far and away the best sister in Sister Princess. She’s cute, she’s adorable, her voice makes you melt, and she always has something funny to say (in a cute-funny way). This time, she wanted a “quacky” – a innertube with a duck. I love any time she graces the screen with her presence.

Unfortunately, she’s only one of 12 sisters. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a bad sister in the bunch, but the less I see of Hinako, the more I tune out. The other sisters are great, but they just don’t make my heart melt the way Hinako does. So these episodes were slice-of-life and good at it, but not great.

Episodes 8-10 rating (out of four stars): **1/2