LS 17-20: Too many new characters

Lucky Star episodes 17-20 review

LS 19

Again, it’s hard to review Lucky Star episodes because they hop from one joke to the next in rapid fashion. The one thing I can say about these episodes is that they introduce six new girls to the lineup and start giving them the focus instead of the girls we love, Konata and Kagami. So while we’ve become accustomed to jokes between the “Core Four,” these other six girls start hogging the spotlight.

Lucky Channel is its usual funny and crazy self. Oh, and there’s a clip from Episode 19 where Konata makes a comment about baseball, and it is such a true comment for anyone who watches baseball that I wish I could make a clip on it and put it on YouTube for all sports fans to see. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact wording she used, but it was something to the effect of criticizing the slow nature of baseball games. It’s so poignant to the world of slow baseball today. Bye-nee!

Episode 17 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 18 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 19 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 20 rating (out of four stars): **

LS 15-16: The Melancholy of Konata Izumi

Lucky Star episodes 15-16 review

LS 16

Let’s talk about something more pleasant, shall we? Episode 15 was okay, but Episode 16 was what I had been waiting for the last 7 years. It was Konata Izumi as Haruhi Suzumiya, and all the Haruhi jokes you could ever want. If you don’t know Haruhi, you’re not going to get any of these jokes, but since I do, they were awesome. I loved all the Haruhi references, which ranged from Haruhi to Kyon to Nagato to Mikuru to the songs from the series. So much win in this episode.

Episode 15 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 16 rating (out of four stars): ****

LS 11-12: Cosplay

Lucky Star episodes 11-12 review

LS 12

Lucky Star is hard to review because there’s no coherent plot, there’s just random humorous scenes thrown together. So I’ll just tell you that I enjoyed these two episodes a lot more than what I had been getting. The anime convention episode 12 was especially a treat. It even had some references to Haruhi Suzumiya thrown in there! Both were quite funny, especially Akira finally being shut up in Lucky Channel on episode 12. This was a step in the right direction for the series.

Episode 11 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 12 rating (out of four stars): ***

LS 9-10: Unlucky Star

Lucky Star episodes 9-10 review

LS 10

Unfortunately, I’m at that point where I realize that Lucky Star just isn’t for me. Sure, there are occasional laughs to be had, but overall it doesn’t have the charm I had hoped it would have. The funniest part of these two episodes was the Lucky Channel part where the one guy goes into a big long discussion about the word “tsundere.” That was actually funny, but not much else was worth much more than a chuckle.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 10 rating (out of four stars): **