Kare Kano 7: Malfunction

His and Her Circumstances episode 7 review

Kare Kano 7

Due to the malfunctioning of my DVD, I was only able to watch one episode today. It wasn’t bad; Yukino and Arima get called into the principal’s office, as their grades have gone down ever since they got together. So in Japan they must really be serious about grades if they’re willing to pull a couple apart!

It was an entertaining episode, but I missed the last few seconds due to the DVD malfunction. I’m going to give it a good rating as a benefit of the doubt, and hopefully 2 weeks from now when I resume watching, I’ll be able to see the whole episodes.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

Kare Kano 5-6: Now I know why I dropped this show

His and Her Circumstances episodes 5-6 review


Aside from introducing the character Asaba to the cast, these two episodes were about as boring as it gets. Yes, it’s slice-of-life, but this was so slicy-of-lifey that there was no real movement to the plot whatsoever. I now know why I dropped this show after 6 episodes. Here we are, at the end of 6 episodes, and I have no desire to keep on watching. Sure, the first 4 episodes were awfully good, but now the series seems to be spinning its wheels.

Hopefully, things turn around soon, so I am able to enjoy the rest of this series. If not, it’s a long 20 episodes to go.

Episodes rating (out of four stars): *

Kare Kano 3-4: The Confession

His and Her Circumstances episodes 3-4 review

Kare Kano 3

“Would you say that Adams is a pretty unlucky fellow?” – The Thin Blue Line

These episodes were great. Episode 3 looked into Arima’s past, how he was abused as a child and how that affects him now. No, I don’t mean that his being abused was great, I just mean that the episode was great because it showed a side of him that we hadn’t seen yet.

Episode 4 where Yukino spends a half hour and in reality a whole week trying to confess to Arima, well, it’s even better. I know exactly how she feels. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime find a way to make something like a love confession be so funny yet feel so real. Clearly, Kare Kano is a keeper, and it makes me wonder why I haven’t watched it sooner.

Episode 3 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 4 rating: ****

Top 10 Tuesday: Anime couples

It’s Valentine’s Day! This is officially my 33rd consecutive Valentine’s Day as a single. But these characters have been spending their time with their very special loved ones for years. Who are the best canon couples in anime history? Read on to find out.

10. Syaoran & Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)


Not my OTP, but these two became very cute as a couple as the series went along. I had to eventually give in and accept them as a pair.

9. Saito & Louise (The Familiar of Zero)


Again, not my OTP (Siesta >>>>> Louise), but you can’t deny that they have an interesting form of chemistry between each other (I’m being nice here).

8. Yamato & Suzuka (Suzuka)


For the third straight time, not my OTP (I prefer Honoka), but given that they spawned a series named Fuuka, I’m giving them their rightful day in the sun.

7. Soichiro & Yukino (His and Her Circumstances)


Ah, love. I never finished His and Her Circumstances, but it was as romantic as I’ve ever seen an anime. I got to get back to it and finish it.

6. Shikamaru & Temari (Naruto)


If Temari could only just show up again sometime in Naruto: Shippuden, I’d be very happy!

5. InuYasha & Kagome (InuYasha)


Well, of course. I shipped InuYasha x Kikyo, but Kagome eventually won my heart. She has a knack at doing that.

4. Renji & Rukia (Bleach)


The “other” canon couple of Bleach. They are quite the pair themselves.

3. Naruto & Hinata (Naruto)


I shipped it from ep 1, and it paid off. The two got together, and now we have Boruto.

2. Miroku & Sango (InuYasha)


My first shipping in all of anime was these two. A great pairing, but it can’t quite beat my #1…

  1. Ichigo & Orihime (Bleach)

ICHIHIME IS CANON! I’ll shout it from the rooftops! ICHIHIME IS CANON!