Toonami Roundup: 9/30/17


This week… in Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super: The tournament rages on, with Vegeta winning against one foe, then ending up needing to avoid the lava saliva of his next opponent. Unfortunately, Dragon Ball is at its most boring when it’s a one-on-one battle. Rating: **

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Buu eats Babidi. And just like that, Babidi is silenced. At first I was happy that the loudmouth won’t get to speak anymore, but now I think I might miss his ramblings and irrationality. Rating: **1/2

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: Not the best. Kakyoin isn’t really bad, there’s just a very bad impostor pretending he’s Kakyoin. An unnecessarily violent scene where a dog is killed is in this episode, and I can’t help but wonder why that had to be included. Rating: **

Tokyo Ghoul: It’s over. It’s all over. Rating: no stars

Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka joins the crew. This ought to be fun. Is he really a bad guy, or is he just a mischievous nuisance? Sorry, you won’t get to find that out for another 70 episodes. Rating: **1/2

Lupin III: The best episode yet. Lupin gets locked in prison, then plays a mind game with Zenigata who wants to keep him locked away. Eventually Lupin tricks him into opening the door, and as soon as it’s open, Lupin is out. The best part is how Zenigata is the one being tortured even while Lupin is in jail. A great episode. Rating: ****

Naruto: Shippuden: Naruto’s the hero. Congratulations. Rating: **

Outlaw Star: I love Twilight Suzuka. I hope she sticks around for a while. Even if she’s pretty much helpless against Gene. She could be a great character. Rating: ***

Best episode of the week: Lupin III

Most surprisingly good episode of the week: Lupin III

Most disappointing show of the week: Jojo

Toonami Roundup: 8/20/17


This week… in… Toonami… (episodes airing 8/20/17)

Dragon Ball Super: Goku recruits Buu and the Super Namekian (Piccolo) to be on his team for the new World Martial Arts Tournament. Gohan refuses, because he has to feed his family. Yet another case of Gohan being absolutely useless. Funny how Gohan goes from beating Cell to being meaningless to the plot. Rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Dragon Ball Z Kai: Everyone’s dead and it’s now up to Goten and Trunks to save the world. In other words, the same thing as the previous arc, except that Gohan has been replaced by Goten. An infinite supply of Sensu beans might be a better call. Rating: **

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Joseph and Jotaro fight off a Stand on a plane and arrive safely in… Hong Kong? Not exactly where they wanted to be, but Jotaro gives us a “tell” when he says “I’m never flying with you again” to Joseph. We get it, Jojo. Joseph’s going to die for sure fighting Dio (or a minion). This is becoming more obvious than Han Solo’s death. Rating: ***1/2

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki returns, and Touka treats him like trash. I like Touka, but come on. This was our first chance at seeing real emotion in this series, rather than just blood. Let me have some reason to care about this show. Rating: **

Hunter x Hunter: Gon and Killua start their training under Bisky. These are the guys who ran a double marathon back in the Hunter Exam arc. You think Killua’s going to run another couple of marathons for his next Hunter Exam? *hint* *hint* Rating: ***

Lupin the Third Part IV: Lupin and Jigen stay in a haunted house like the Three Stooges, and they survive and get the treasure. Not much to say here. Rating: *1/2

Naruto Shippuden: Cause this is filler, filler night, and no one’s going to save you from the filler that’s gonna strike! Hi Temari! Rating: **

Outlaw Star: A good replacement for Ghost in the Shell. For the first time since the Tachikoma episode, I know what’s going on in the final half-hour of Toonami. Great first episode, I hope it continues this way! Rating: ***1/2

Best show of the week: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Most surprisingly good show of the week: Outlaw Star

Most disappointing show of the week: Lupin the Third Part IV

Toonami Roundup: 6/10/17


This week… in… Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 21: Skipped it. The only reason I watch Dragon Ball is for the podcast; there’s no redeeming value of it for me.

Dragon Ball Z Kai episode 120: Vegeta gets controlled, and now we’re going to get that hyped Goku-Vegeta match we’ve always wanted. Rating: **

Attack on Titan episode 32: Eren’s learned a lot about fighting from Annie, apparently, as he takes on the other traitor Titans. Hange is great as always, and Mikasa is useless as ever. Why wasn’t the first season this good? Rating: ***1/2

Tokyo Ghoul episode 10: Kaneki is kidnapped, and I couldn’t give a crap. Rating: *

Hunter x Hunter episode 54: We’re running out of good episodes of Hunter x Hunter. The show’s about to take a nosedive once this arc officially ends. Rating: ***1/2

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 22: It’s over! It’s all over! What a relief. Rating: *

Naruto Shippuden episode 160: Naruto’s still too busy training, so we have to let the minor characters have some screen time, as they hope to put up somewhat of a fight against Pain. Rating: **1/2

Ghost in the Shell episode 15: Another typical episode; not great, just mediocre. Rating: **

Best show of the week: Attack on Titan

Most surprisingly good show of the week: Attack on Titan

Most disappointing show of the week: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Toonami Roundup: 6/3/17


This week… in Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 20: Beerus wakes up and sneezes away a moon. Meanwhile, Frieza treats those who brought him back like trash, and the Frieza scene is almost scene-for-scene the same as a future episode of Hunter x Hunter. Rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Dragon Ball Super episode 119: Android 18 throws the match by bribing Mr. Satan, so Mr. Satan is still the undisputed World Martial Arts champion! Oh, and some crap with Gohan. Rating: **1/2

Attack on Titan episode 31: Bertholdt and Reiner are Titans too?! For crying out loud, the entire cast is going to be Titans soon enough! Seriously speaking, it was a great episode, if a bit on the predictable side. And now I can finally remember Bertholdt and Reiner’s name. Rating: ***1/2

Tokyo Ghoul episode 9: Cancel it. Rating: 1/2

Hunter x Hunter episode 53: While the Phantom Troupe goes about doing their evil business, Kurapika sees all their (fake) dead bodies. With nothing left to live for, he goes into a dark place. This episode proves you don’t need action to be great. Instead, it pulls on your heartstrings as you feel for a now-broken Kurapika. Rating: ****

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 21: One episode left! Yes! Rating: *

Naruto Shippuden episode 159: Naruto is still training (yawn), while others try to figure out the mystery of Pain. Pain is obviously pretty much unstoppable at this point, and the question is, who is Pain? Rating: **1/2

Ghost in the Shell episode 14: Apparently wine is the new currency of Ghost in the Shell. Any word on whether it’s worth more than dogecoin? Rating: **1/2

Best show of the week: Hunter x Hunter

Most surprisingly good show of the week: Attack on Titan

Most disappointing show of the week: Tokyo Ghoul