E21 59-60: The Wishbone

Eyeshield 21 episodes 59-60 review

E21 60

I’m dealing with extreme tooth pain so I don’t know what I’m going to be able to watch or record or write this week. It’s the worst tooth pain I’ve ever experienced; it’s likely my wisdom teeth. Fortunately, I watched all of Toonami on Saturday night, so I’m not behind at all on that. And I suffered through two episodes of Eyeshield 21; they were good episodes, but I was in pain.

Give Eyeshield 21 some credit; it teaches the non-football fan a lot of football terms. This week it’s the wishbone offense. Here’s the problem: the wishbone went extinct from the NFL sometime in the 1960s. It’s still used by teams like Navy and Army and Georgia Tech (Ga Tech runs it because their coach is the former Navy coach), as Navy and Army have less scholarships, so they have to simplify their offense. Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that the wishbone offense used by the Deimon Devil Bats is an old and archaic offense that you will almost never see (unless you watch the Army-Navy game in December).

But I gotta give them credit; they really know what they’re doing when they show this offense. Eyeshield 21 isn’t exactly the best at recreating football, but in this case, it really does resemble the actual offense. For all its weaknesses, Eyeshield 21 is better than any show on Toonami right now (Hunter x Hunter the exception prior to this boring arc).

Episode 59 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 60 rating: ***1/2

2017, Week 6: The season is over

2017, Week 6: Vikings 23, Packers 10

Aaron Rodgers injury

With Aaron Rodgers out for the season (probably) with a broken collarbone, the Packers’ season is in effect over. There is no chance this team makes the playoffs with Brett Hundley at QB, let alone goes to the Super Bowl. Hundley looked utterly horrible in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, and the stubborn Packers front office is choosing to go with him the rest of the way (it seems). There isn’t much more to say but that without Rodgers, the Packers are helpless.

+: Davante Adams. He had a good touchdown catch in this one and deserves credit for his play.

-: Brett Hundley. He looks like a Cleveland Browns quarterback out there, and that’s being generous. Obviously he’s never going to be Rodgers, but he wasn’t even competent out there.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 4-2

Next week: vs. New Orleans

SP 3-5: Hinako is just too cute

Sister Princess episodes 3-5 review

Sister Princess 4

As Wataru gets to learning about his twelve sisters, there’s one who stands out: Hinako. Don’t get me wrong, each and every one of the twelve is uber-cute, but Hinako is even more so. As she spends an episode trying to find “Mr. Teddy Bear,” my heart just utterly melted. And then my heart melted even more when she tried to send an e-mail to Wataru using… a calculator.

There’s no siscon going on here, just cute girls acting cute cutely. This may not be for everyone; if you’re more of a Jojo fan, you may not like this too much. But it’s my guilty pleasure. To imagine 12 girls obsessed with you and doing whatever they can to grab your attention, with no sexuality involved, it’s a kawaii dream. Again, no siscon, just cuteness.

Episodes 3-5 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2