Toonami Roundup: 9/15/18


As a new feature to the blog, I will likely be cutting back on the full-blown reviews and going to more “roundup” posts like this one. The reason being is that I’m simply too busy to put the full effort into writing an all-out review of five episodes a week. Since I already covered Attack on Titan and Hunter x Hunter, this post will just cover the other shows.

My Hero Academia, episodes 17 & 18: The Cavalry Battle begins, and Roman cavalry choirs are singing. Deku chooses Ochaco and a couple of random people to be his mirror, his sword, his shield as they roll like missionaries in a foreign field. For some reason I can’t explain, Deku loses his headband, and now surely he won’t hear St. Peter call his name. Okay, enough with Coldplay. Deku survives because Ochaco managed to grab someone’s headband, and his team finishes in fourth. Speaking of which, I hate the name “Deku.” Can we call him anything else? Rating (out of four stars): ***

FLCL: Alternative, episodes 1 & 2: Slicy-of-lifey, as I like to say. Which wouldn’t be bad if it was normal slice-of-life, but this is off-the-wall FLCL thrown in. Haruko seems to be there just for the sole reason of saying “Look at me! I’m FLCL!” There’s no rhyme or reason to anything. But at least it isn’t terrible. FLCL: Progressive was flat-out terrible. Rating (out of four stars): **

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, episodes 3 & 4: Josuke has to fight off a Stand, and he finds a way to win. There really isn’t that much more to say. Unfortunately, there’s nothing about DiU to distinguish it from the prior season so far. Right now, you could throw this episode somewhere into Stardust Crusaders, and it’d seem the same. This season needs something new to make me care more about it. Rating (out of four stars): **1/2

And there you have it. Stay tuned next week for more mini-reviews, as I try to cut back on the bigger posts and provide more relevant reviews that allow myself enough time to get to everything.

E21 98: Eh-heh-heh!

Eyeshield 21 episode 98 review

E21 98

I don’t know how to properly write the laugh that Taki always does over everything, but he does that laugh a lot in this episode as he is put in at quarterback. There are supposedly only ten people on the team, but I can only see six or seven of them. These mysterious players who never appear on screen, who are they?

Anyway, the team figures things out after a rough start against the Chameleons, and they win 12-7. Somehow the team can score at will once they’ve gotten their act together, but they can never convert the two-point conversion. In any case, it looks like next week we’re getting a break from the increasingly dull “Death Game.”

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

AoT 41: Execute Order 66

Attack on Titan episode 41 review

AoT 41

What’s new about this episode? Not much. It’s the standard “let’s be edgy” fare. You’ve got Levi acting totally emo, as always. You’ve got Hange losing her mind, as usual. But you’ve got a totally nonsensical plot, which is a little new to this season, because at least the first two episodes had a coherent storyline.

Who cares whether the Scout Regiment get killed off? Aren’t they all going to die anyway if the Titans get to them? You see, that’s what I don’t understand. Shouldn’t the people be more concerned about surviving the Titans than whether the Scout Reg iment may or may not have killed a civilian? Likewise, shouldn’t the Scout Regiment be more concerned about surviving themselves, rather than tying up people in an attempt to save Eren?

What’s sad about this episode is that every word out of the villains’ mouths, I completely agreed with, while every word that came out of Levi’s mouth, I completely disagreed with. Are we supposed to hate the heroes and love the villains? I’m going to guess no. But those two people at the beginning of the episode, every thing they said was true. Everything Levi said sounded like it was coming out of the 45th President’s mouth – full of inaccuracies.

Attack on Titan is still a mess. What’s worse is that it’s leading me toward the worst possible thing someone can feel about a TV show – apathy. It is better to hate a show than to feel apathetic toward it. And that’s where Attack on Titan is headed.

Character of the episode: Hange, I guess

Episode rating (out of four stars): *