Ohayocon 19 preview

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I’m going to my 7th Ohayocon this weekend! Here’s what I’ll be interested in seeing:


12:00 pm – Sanrio and You! – As a Hello Kitty fan, this piques my interest; I look forward to finding out more info on the Sanrio characters.

2:00 pm – Discussing the FLCL Sequels – This is where it gets dicey; is the panelist going to lay into the awful FLCL sequels and tell exactly how bad they were, or are they going to try to defend those terrible shows? Should be an interesting hour!

3:00 pm – A History of Clamp! – Clamp is who made Cardcaptor Sakura, which is why I am interested in this.

3:30 pm – Do You Know Your Cartoons: Jeopardy! – Any Jeopardy! panel comes with a lot of risk – mainly, is it even going to remotely resemble Jeopardy! – but I’m still open to giving it a chance.

4:00 pm – Ohayocon Opening Ceremonies – I hardly ever go to these, but when I do, it doesn’t turn out well.

5:30 pm – Mika Kobayashi & Tetsuro Shimaguchi Concert – I don’t want to lose my way to this.

8:00 pm – Canines in Pop Culture – Everyone loves dogs. My hope is that the dog from this week’s episode of My Hero Academia is featured, and then we get to find out if it was really inspired by Scruff McGruff.

9:00 pm – Con Fam Feud! – Family Feud is always fun. Can this one live up to the hype of last year’s Tekko Family Feud?

12:30 pm – 21+ Mixer Feat. Tipsy Raccoons – Am I crazy enough to go to this? You make the call.

2:00 am – Was That Real?: Bizarre Anime After Dark – The hope is that I choose to stay up late this year and go to the late-night panels. As history has shown, I’m too old for that.


10:00 am – World of Sailor Moon Through the Eyes of the Moonies – I always try to go to any Sailor Moon panels, but this one in particular ought to be good.

1:30 pm – Speed Cosplay – Hopefully this lives up to the billing of the “Iron Cosplay” panels I’ve seen in the past.

3:00 pm – Being in the Entertainment business in Japan – Mainly because of the guests who are involved in the panel.

5:00 pm – From Commercials to Cowboy Bebop – The voice of Jet Black is hosting this panel.

8:00 pm – Mika Kobayashi Concert – Don’t lose your way.

10:00 pm – The CON-MEN Game Show – You know that I’m always trying to find game shows to go to, and here’s another one.

1:30 am – Tear List – A panel about ranking video games. If I’m up this late, then you’ll know that I’ve gone crazy.


10:00 am – Naoko Takeuchi Fan Panel – A panel about the mangaka who made Sailor Moon. Sounds pretty interesting.

1:00 pm – Mika Kobayashi Q&A – Self-explanatory (but don’t lose your way there).

2:30 pm – From pitch to production… The creation of an Anime – Now we start to wonder if I’m going to be checking the sports scores all through the day.

4:00 pm – Ohayocon Closing Ceremonies & Feedback Panel – I haven’t gone to one of these in probably at least 7 years. Let’s see if I can make it to closing ceremonies.

And that’s my Ohayocon schedule for you. Find out next week how well my con went!