Coming out of retirement

Favre celebrating

That’s right! Like my favorite player, Brett Favre, I’m coming out of retirement! The blog had just gotten to the point of dying, and now I’ve decided to bring it back. What should you expect to see from this blog in 2019?

  • Convention reviews. I’ll be going to Ohayocon, Setsucon, Tekko, and Matsuricon, at least, so I’ll have plenty of stories to share (and plenty others I can’t!).
  • Reviews of anime DVDs in my collection. These include movies such as Princess Mononoke and your name. to series such as Accel World and Slam Dunk. There will be no rhyme or reason to which one I choose, other than it’s sitting in my collection gathering dust. I won’t review episode-to-episode; I’ll just give a final review once I’m complete.
  • The return of the AP Poll, in a new format! This time, the poll will be simplified. Instead of going through all the work of choosing the ranking of every show, I’ll cut it to just the top three, giving out gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three shows of the week.
  • Links to each week’s Toonami Therapy Podcast.
  • And, of course, yearly features like the Anime Bracket and the NFL season preview.

So yes, the blog is coming back, albeit in an abbreviated form. 2019 will be sure to give me lots to talk about!