Blog shutting down

After ten years of blogging, I have decided to bring it all to a halt. Effective at the end of the year, this blog will go silent. However, the podcast will continue! Michael and I have a lot to say, and it turns out that podcast effectively killed the blog. I’d rather talk about anime than write about it. Our podcast is at and will continue into 2019.

However, the blog will not. I have other ventures I am into, such as writing books. I’ve already written one book and soon will have more on the way. I’ve discovered that, as a result of writing so much on my books, it takes away time I used to use on writing the blog. I’ve tried to come up with gimmicks to keep me going with the blog, but they haven’t worked.

You could probably have seen this coming. I used to write around 5 posts a week, then that trickled down to 1 or 2. Now I don’t have any reason to write the blog, because I put every bit of thought into the podcast. By the time I write the blog, it’s all redundant. I just  don’t have any reason to keep the blog going.

The Anime Bracket is also coming to an end. Truth be told, the Anime Bracket became old this past year, when I realized that the same characters were winning year after year. I thought about changing it, but even that wouldn’t have fixed its problems. It just became old and tired, and I have no desire to continue it.

I thank all of you for supporting me over the past ten years. There have been low moments, in particular those times in which I thought I could say whatever I wanted. I learned over time that you can’t say whatever you want, and sometimes you’ve got to pretend things are fine when they actually aren’t. Blogging isn’t easy when Google’s shutting you down for copyright fouls you didn’t commit, or when random people find your blog and think of reasons to argue with you. But it was fun, and now I move on to other ventures.

If you’re interested in following me, there’s two places to do that. One is the aforementioned podcast, which will continue as scheduled. The other is on Facebook, where you can find me under “Tommy A. Phillips” or I will still be writing, just not on this blog.

And with that, I sign off for the last time here. For everyone who visited my blog at one time or another, thank you. Go Pack Go!

One thought on “Blog shutting down

  1. This is sad to hear, though I guess it is good that you have found other things you want to put your time into. Best of luck with your pod cast and writing. I hope you have fun and I hope you find it rewarding.


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