HxH 117: Three-minute warning

Hunter x Hunter episode 117 review

HxH 117

Let me be blunt: this was *the* worst week of Toonami since the block returned some six years ago. Every single show aired a mediocre-to-bad episode. Not once did I find myself interested by what was on air. I did laugh twice, once during Jojo when the guy’s guts spilled out and he screamed “my guts spilled out!” (Not sure if that was unintentional or not.) The second time I laughed, it was definitely unintentional humor, at the end of this episode.

At the very end of this episode, where yet again a lot of stuff happens without very much *actually* happening, we get told by the narrator that *three* minutes have passed. 3 minutes! Are you kidding me? All these episodes, and that’s all that’s happened? This is stretching time to an extreme. Maybe that’s what “Grandpa” meant when he said that time is being warped.

“Grandpa,” by the way, is Killua’s actual grandpa. He appears for a brief cameo before exiting stage left. Not sure why he and Cheetu were put together only to disappoint us by refusing to fight. He says that Killua removed Illumi’s needle, which makes no sense right now, though that does mean something in the next arc.

Ultimately, this was a mediocre episode. Not a bad one, per se. Just not one worth my time. As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “It could have been worse, John. A lot worse.” Like whatever the heck that Mob Psycho show is supposed to be.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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