Toonami Roundup: 10/20/18


This week in… Toonami…

My Hero Academia episode 23: This episode was about as cliche as I’ve ever seen one in anime. Izuku keeps on getting beat up, but he won’t give up. Watching this was like watching Gon get beat the tar out of but refusing to give up the whole time at the end of the Hunter exam arc. At least Izuku loses, that was nice. Oh, can anyone explain to me why, in a school that’s supposed to be training the heroes of tomorrow, everyone’s trying to kill each other? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Rating (out of four stars): *1/2

Naruto: Shippuden episode ?: Yes, I’m not bothering to look up the episode number, because this episode smelled of filler. Naruto and pals help a fisherman who’s trying to catch a giant swordfish. I wish I was making this up. Rating: *

Boruto episode 4: I’ve kind of lost interest in this. Basically, the boys and the girls have a contest against each other, and then it ends with everyone having to work together as a team. The way it ends is almost identical to episode 1, with everyone grabbing each other to stop from falling to their death. Not the best. Rating: **

Attack on Titan episode 46: You know who Historia is? She’s that point guard – think Allen Iverson – who has to have the ball at the end of the game to take the game-winning shot. For those of you who don’t understand basketball terminology (sorry!), she has to be the hero. And she gets to, so now she can make her claim as queen. This episode made me dislike her more. Rating: *1/2

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable episode 9: Finally, something good! Koichi uses his Stand in crazy ways in order to finally break free of his imprisonment by that crazy girl. What makes this episode great is that the girl is so relentless in her attempts to keep Koichi locked up. Eventually, using his Stand, Koichi is able to get out, but not before turning her hair white. Crazy episode. Rating: ***1/2

Hunter x Hunter episode 116:

Best episode of the week: Jojo

Worst episode of the week: Naruto: Shippuden

Best character of the week: Koichi (I hope I’m spelling his name right)

Worst character of the week: Gon

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