HxH 115: Love in an Elevator

Hunter x Hunter episode 115 review

HxH 115

Imagine if your life depended on remembering a passcode. I’d have died a thousand times by now. But according to the incessantly talking narrator, that’s what’s on the line for these Ants. If they don’t remember their passcode to the elevator, they’re practically dead.

But here’s the obvious question: who set this up? I can’t imagine these Ants are extremely tech-savvy. Did Bizeff do it all in his spare time while not hanging out with women and smoking cigarettes? Did Kim-Jong Un do it? I just don’t get how a lobster Ant could figure out how to set up an elevator system. But very conveniently, that’s forgotten about.

There’s very little to say about this episode due to the fact that almost all of it is said for us by the narrator. Everything that happens, we get told by the narrator instead of him just letting us figure it out for ourselves. I hate having my intelligence insulted. These past five or so episodes have been like being considered a first-grader.

Also, Gon meets Pitou. This is about to get nuts. One of those two characters will become my least-favorite character in all of Hunter x Hunter. Can you guess which one?

Character of the episode: Melereon

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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