HxH 114: Knuckleball

Hunter x Hunter episode 114 review

HxH 114

It’s the two grandfathers up against the King, Morel up against Pouf, Shoot up against Youpi, and soon to be Gon and Killua up against Pitou. Of those four fights, only one has anything actually happen. While Pouf sizes up Morel and the King takes a ride on a dragon with Netero and the other old man, Gon and Killua go off searching for Pitou. That leaves us with just one fight with actual action.

And what a fight it is! Shoot is doing the Ocean’s Twelve thing against Youpi’s attacks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go…


But even he starts to get beat up by the attacks. Knuckle has to stand by and hold in his Nen, that way the interest accrues on Youpi. We watch 10 minutes of fighting, and 10 seconds have literally elapsed in the actual fight. Finally, Knuckle can’t take it anymore, and goes all out after Youpi. Melereon just kind of hangs out the whole time.

You can argue a million little things on this episode, but the only one that matters is that I was fully entertained by the 10 seconds of battle. Oh, and that octopus-in-the-elevator thing? Yeah, that’s actually the most entertaining, exciting, and funny thing in this whole mini-arc. Don’t let that slip past you.

Character of the episode: Knuckle

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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