Toonami Roundup: 10/27/18

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This very well may have been *the* worst night in Toonami history. We got served up a ton of mediocre-to-horrible shows, not the least of which was the new show on the block. This is one of those nights that can turn you off to the whole genre in general. And that genre, of course, is shonen.

My Hero Academia episode 24: Ho-hum. Everyone knew Todoroki and Bakugo were going to meet in the finals; could we have just gotten to it sooner? Also, note how all the females were eliminated early and all the alpha males made it to the end. This isn’t anime, this is Survivor, where Probst gets his favorites to stick around longer. What a dull episode. Rating (out of four stars): *

Boruto episode 5: A boring episode involving the teacher (Shino) feeling sorry for himself, and the kids all causing mischief. Are we going to get to something that resembles real excitement? Or are we going to just have slice-of-life school days? This show is almost as boring as Naruto‘s filler. Rating: *1/2

Mob Psycho 100 episode 1: This was originally my pick for the worst show, but Jojo topped it. This smelled of Tokyo Ghoul, especially in the way it made absolutely no sense at all. We’ve got Saitama with hair who’s also a psychic. And supernatural stuff… happens. That’s the best way I can put it. Not exactly a very intriguing way to start a series. Give Jojo and AoT credit, as bad as their shows were this week, they at least knew how to start a season. Rating: 1/2 a star

Attack on Titan episode 47: This is Bleach. A big, long, emotional flashback of a character who’s about to die. Unless he didn’t actually die and I was made to think he did. Even so, I couldn’t care less about the flashback nor the character. And the narcissistic queen Historia gets her crown thanks to her selfishness, which is practically praised by all. She reminds me of another “king” of sorts in the real world. Rating: *

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable episode 10: This one took the cake as the worst show of the night. Obviously Part 4 doesn’t really care about having any real direction, because we’re now ten episodes in without any coherent plot. This time, we have an episode about Josuke and his pal eating food made by a Stand user. Then the food causes wild reactions, before we find out that the chef (the Stand user) simply wanted to make his patrons enjoy his food. Seriously, it makes less sense than that. I couldn’t possibly think of a more frivolous idea for an episode, and the only way it would have been worse is if the dog that appears in this episode got blown up (which the author of Jojo is known to do). What a waste of 30 minutes. Rating: no stars

Hunter x Hunter episode 117: Can you believe this was the best show of the night? I can’t believe it either. Review here. Rating: **

Best episode of the week: HxH

Worst episode of the week: Jojo

Best character of the week: Killua

Worst character of the week: Historia (who deserved it last week too)

Pardon me while I go watch some sports anime to clean out my sinuses after having watched all of that. Even Eyeshield 21‘s filler can’t be this bad.

HxH 117: Three-minute warning

Hunter x Hunter episode 117 review

HxH 117

Let me be blunt: this was *the* worst week of Toonami since the block returned some six years ago. Every single show aired a mediocre-to-bad episode. Not once did I find myself interested by what was on air. I did laugh twice, once during Jojo when the guy’s guts spilled out and he screamed “my guts spilled out!” (Not sure if that was unintentional or not.) The second time I laughed, it was definitely unintentional humor, at the end of this episode.

At the very end of this episode, where yet again a lot of stuff happens without very much *actually* happening, we get told by the narrator that *three* minutes have passed. 3 minutes! Are you kidding me? All these episodes, and that’s all that’s happened? This is stretching time to an extreme. Maybe that’s what “Grandpa” meant when he said that time is being warped.

“Grandpa,” by the way, is Killua’s actual grandpa. He appears for a brief cameo before exiting stage left. Not sure why he and Cheetu were put together only to disappoint us by refusing to fight. He says that Killua removed Illumi’s needle, which makes no sense right now, though that does mean something in the next arc.

Ultimately, this was a mediocre episode. Not a bad one, per se. Just not one worth my time. As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “It could have been worse, John. A lot worse.” Like whatever the heck that Mob Psycho show is supposed to be.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): **