HxH 111: Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Hunter x Hunter episode 111 review

HxH 111

This episode was off-the-charts bad. We had extreme padding, in the form of slow motion. It would be one thing if that slow motion was for something exciting, but this wasn’t the Matrix here. There’s so much of the characters moving in slow motion, but not actually fighting yet, just taking forever to count down 10 seconds.

And then you’ve got the narrator pretty much telling you everything. Thank you for the offer, but there’s a reason God gave me eyes. As long as I can still see, I don’t need to be babied and told everything. Whatever happened to “show, don’t tell”?

And if that isn’t bad enough, you’ve got this whole flashback scene with Netero and his brother, which makes zero sense and is almost laughable. Netero’s brother breaks the fourth wall, but not in a funny way, unless you count unintentional humor. Then we see Netero practicing 10,000 punches a day. That’s great, but what does that have to do with anything? Okay, maybe it’s trying to show how strong he is, but it’s a horrible time for a flashback. We want to see the actual battle here.

I wish I could do this episode justice in how bad it was. This is just really awful storytelling. It’s as if the producers were given three panels of the manga and forced to make an episode out of those three panels. If they were, then I don’t envy them. But come on, Hunter x Hunter isn’t this bad.

Character of the episode: Netero

Episode rating (out of four stars): no stars

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