AoT 39: Five lights

Attack on Titan episode 39 review

AoT 39

With each passing moment Attack on Titan rolls further and further away from being that must-watch show that everyone else thinks it is. This time, there’s not much to write home about, except for the super-secret revelation that Historia is the heir to the crown. Funny, that doesn’t strike me as a surprise at all, in fact I thought we already knew that. But in any case, there’s a lot of angst yet not a lot of action.

We also get Hange trying to torture a guy. She shows him four lights and tries to get him to say that there are five lights, or something like that. In the end, he doesn’t break, just as Picard didn’t break. (Actually Picard did break, but that’s for another time.) Two episodes in, and I’m wondering if we’re ever going to get back to some of the thrilling action that made season two – at rare moments – a fun watch.

Character of the episode: Hange

What, you think I was going to give it to Levi?

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

One thought on “AoT 39: Five lights

  1. I’ve actually been enjoying season three more because it feels like we’re finally addressing the issues within the world and the story that kept getting put off before. While the action in Attack on Titan is fun, by the end of season one I was ready for some explanations and season two gave me nothing but more questions. This season so far has been quite interesting and I’m looking forward to more.


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