HxH 109: Padding

Hunter x Hunter episode 109 review

HxH 109

Around here (the blog, the podcast) we sometimes say “not much happened.” But that would be dishonest, much like anything that comes from the current President’s mouth. No, absolutely nothing happened in this episode. After such a brilliant episode last week, it’s followed up with a bunch of scenes which are clearly stalling for time.

There was positively no advancement in the plot at all. And it wasn’t even a clip episode or a recap episode! It actually passed itself off as a new episode. Instead, it was, in short, a waste of a half hour of all of our lives. You know how every cigarette smoked takes off 8 or so minutes of your life? Think of this episode as a pack of cigarettes. What a waste.

Character of the episode: no one

Episode rating (out of four stars): no stars

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