HxH 108: Philadelphia Eagles

Hunter x Hunter episode 108 review

HxH 108

The King continues playing Gungi with Komugi. She begins to evolve as a player as she plays, learning strategies that she never knew before. The King can’t beat her, still. So he lets her take a rest, then asks for her name. She gives it to him, but then when she asks him for his name, he doesn’t know it.

The King then asks his Royal Guards if they know his name. None of them care; they figure he’s fine with just being the King. This makes the King feel a ton of bloodlust, and he gets ready to kill Komugi, since after all bad guys are bad guys. But when he goes back to see Komugi, before he can kill her, he sees her being attacked by an eagle. Instead of killing her, he instead feels compassion for her. He can’t figure out why. One thing I want you to figure out is how that one eagle causes the entire demise of the Chimera Ants in general. It’s a Butterfly Effect.

Excellent episode, especially with the character development the King is getting.

Character of the episode: The King

Now, what was his name again? (Of course I know it.)

Episode rating (out of four stars): ****

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