AoT 38: Lost Without a Trace

Attack on Titan episode 38 review

AoT S3

This is season 4 of Attack on Titan, right? Because I feel like I missed a whole 12 episodes. Nothing in this episode makes sense. I feel like there’s so much information I’m missing, like “it’s all in the manual.” Did I need to read the manga to understand the current state of affairs?

Let’s go back to season 2, shall we? Back then, Ymir turned into a Titan to fight off Reiner and Bertholdt, who revealed themselves to be the real villains (or so we think). After that, it’s all a blur. Now suddenly we’ve got the Survey Corps/Scout Regiment all together doing menial chores. Jaeger is mopping the floor, Sasha is stealing potatoes in a true “please-the-fans” scene, and Armin’s trying to keep everyone happy. Okay, that’s good.

But after that I completely lost it. And this time it was not because I was too busy playing Mario Golf. No, I just had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t understand what the whole purpose of the unassailable Levi’s master plan was. Levi decided to have Armin and another guy pose as Christa/Historia and Jaeger and allow them to get kidnapped, only to kidnap the kidnappers. Okay, that’s a weird way of doing it, but why?

Then there’s this new pink-haired girl, who might as well been wearing a red shirt because she screamed “kill me!” And sure enough, she did die, as all these guys with scout gear came and attacked Levi. But by the time they did, I was so completely lost that it didn’t matter. I had given up on trying to understand it.

You see, Attack on Titan thinks it’s smarter than its own viewers. We’re the dumb ones; the story is so much smarter than us. But when you do that to your audience, you end up losing the casual fan such as myself. Remember that show called Lost? It thought it was so cool for being impossible to figure out. Then it painted itself into a corner and ended up with one of the most unsatisfying endings in the history of television (behind Seinfeld only). That’s where I fear Attack on Titan is headed.

I wish I could whine about how bad this was or rave about how good this was. Instead, I’m just sitting here scratching my head. What exactly happened?

Character of the episode: Armin

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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