HxH 106: Personal paradise

Hunter x Hunter episode 106 review

HxH 106

Remember how I told you that I didn’t know why that guy was running the entire country from his basement? I wish I could say that was just me trying to avoid spoiling it for you, but the truth is that I simply forgot. It turns out that he brings in women who have no brains and just go ahead and let him do what he pleases. One of those women is Palm. She, obviously, does have a mind of her own, but she goes along with everything in an attempt to infiltrate the castle and use her ability.

Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of Knov sobbing and crying because he’s a wimp. As Morel gets ready for another fight where I’m sure he will let his opponent go after beating him, Knov is having a mental breakdown. This isn’t the guy I want out on the front lines in a life-or-death battle. Not really sure why he was the first choice for the Hunters vs. the Ants.

Not a particularly inspiring episode

Character of the episode: Palm

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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