E21 89-90: The Cream-Puff Cup

Eyeshield 21 episodes 89-90 review


Back to Eyeshield 21! But also back to other football teams, and not the one we care so much about. This time, we’re back to the NASA Shuttles. That team is the one Panther is a member of. Panther was a running back who Sena became friends with and then played against.

It’s the Cream-Puff Cup, which came into existence conveniently at this time for the Devil Bats to join as the representative from Asia. There’s also the NASA Shuttles, the American team, as well as an African team and a European/Russian team. The Russian team is run by a former NFL player named Morgan. (I cannot think of any good NFL players named Morgan, though I can think of a few mediocre ones.)

Morgan is the new villain. He views football players as “parts” and has his team purposely injure Homer, the NASA Shuttles’ quarterback. In other words, he’s the Minnesota Vikings, injuring Aaron Rodgers on purpose. Morgan’s Russian team defeats the Shuttles and forces them to disband.

That causes Homer and Panther to give up on football. Homer goes and picks a fight with some random street guys. Panther also gives up, but then his grandmother gets Sena and Panther to play a street game. That enables Panther to regain his love for the game. Now all that’s left is to get Homer back.

Did I mention that the Devil Bats never played a game yet? This is the sometimes frustrating part of Eyeshield 21, caring about all these other teams.

Episode 89 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 90 rating: **1/2

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