HxH 105: Hungarian Defense

Hunter x Hunter episode 105 review

HxH 105

The Gungi playing continues. This time around, the King attempts to throw off the girl’s rhythm with some bizarre tactics. (By the way, Komugi – the girl – has her name in the episode description. You may not know it yet, but her name is given away by any TV listing.) Nothing he does works. He thinks he can throw her off by threatening to take off her arm. She responds by saying that she’ll give up her life without a care in the world. Then he tries taking off one of his own arms. That doesn’t work either. As a result, the King detached one of his arms for no reason at all and now must be healed by Neferpitou.

But since Pitou is busy healing the King, there’s less En being used and thus a better chance for the Hunters to infiltrate the Ants’ hideout. The boring guys – Morel and Knov – begin their quest to get in. There are only 9 Ants to defend, which shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Also, we get more of this boring narrator talk where the narrator tells us everything instead of the episode actually showing it to us. This type of stuff is forbidden even for amateur writers. Why would it be okay here? It’s aggravating at best. The narrator needs to shut up and let us watch the program.

In any case, I liked this episode too and hope this hot streak keeps up.

Character of the episode: Komugi

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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