HxH 104: Immediate resignation is in order

Hunter x Hunter episode 104 review

HxH 104

The King and the mysterious girl whose name I was not at ease to give out yet (sorry) go at it in another game of Gungi. This time around, the King pulls out a brand new strategy. Surely this one will work, right? Wrong. The girl (whose name I want to type) came up with that strategy 10 years ago so it’s useless to try against her. Kind of like playing the Hungarian Defense against a modern-day chess player.

But then it’s time for him to kill her, right? No, not this time. For some reason the King can’t figure out, he doesn’t want to kill her. So on we go to another game of Gungi sometime next episode. In the meantime, his Royal Guard wonders what’s gotten into him.

Then we’ve got a completely pointless battle between Morel and Cheetu. Why is it pointless? Because once Morel’s won, he lets Cheetu go and then goes back to drinking. Why was half the episode wasted on their battle? That was such a stupid teaser.

Then we have Morel talking to Knov about how the battle has reached a “stalemate.” Can I go on a rant on why the word “stalemate” is incorrectly used? A stalemate in chess almost always occurs when one player has a decisive advantage in material but either blunders or gets tricked into blowing the win and ending up in a draw. In other words, a stalemate would only be the case if one of the two sides had a huge advantage and couldn’t win. In this case, though, neither side has an advantage. The chess equivalent would be the perpetual check or repetition of moves.

In any case, this episode actually was pretty good. If I stuck to just watching Hunter x Hunter, I wouldn’t be threatening anime retirement.

Character of the episode: the girl who I am not allowed to name (even though I did already)

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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