Going on hiatus

This is a sad post, but one that would eventually come. Basically, I’ve realized that I no longer have much interest in anime anymore. There are some anime I still like – Eyeshield 21, for example – but overall I’m just bored with anime. I have so much still to watch, and it pains me to think I’ll never watch it. But truth be told, it’s not the unwatched anime I don’t like, it’s the stuff I am watching.

Shounen anime has killed my interest in anime. Moreover, Dragon Ball is the biggest reason I don’t really like anime anymore. I apologize if you like Dragon Ball, but the intelligence level required to enjoy Dragon Ball is not very high. The fact that every time I turn on Toonami and here’s this stupid show that makes my IQ lower every second I watch it, well, that’s a good reason why I’m no longer interested in anime.

But it’s not just Dragon Ball. Watching four hours straight of shounen, with maybe a FLCL here and a Pop Team Epic there, is enough to make my brain shut off. Toonami is the worst of anime, essentially. If I wanted to put on a four-hour block of programming and I had eight shows to choose, only Hunter x Hunter would make the cut. The rest, sadly, are making me hate anime.

Think of it like Star Wars. Get exposed too much to The Last Jedi, and you’ll develop a deep-rooted dislike for anything that carries the “Star Wars” label. The same thing goes here. Too much Dragon Ball, and suddenly I think of all anime as being as mindless and boring as it. FLCL: Progressive and Pop Team Epic have not helped.

I’m not officially listing this site as closed, because there’s always the possibility that I’ll come back. But for now, Toonami is dead to me. I need good anime if I want to remain an otaku. Otherwise, I’ll have to finally give up on the genre altogether. Anime is good; I want to continue to think of it as such, so no more Toonami for me for the foreseeable future.

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