BC 27: Rock and Roller Clover Wars

Black Clover episode 27 review

BC 27

It’s a nice, happy episode for much of this one, with general friendliness being shown amongst the characters. However, there’s also a war brewing, off in the background. Personally, I don’t care either way. While this wasn’t necessarily a bad episode, the preceding episodes have sterilized me so much to this series that I don’t have any horse in the race. I guess we’re rooting for the Clover Kingdom, right?

There was some stuff with Charmy, other stuff with Asta’s “rival,” and then stuff with Asta’s real rival Yuno. None of this really leads anywhere. Hopefully Black Clover can get me hooked again, but right now it looks as if this series is too far gone.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

One thought on “BC 27: Rock and Roller Clover Wars

  1. I’m amazed you made it this far. I was kind of hoping that something amazing would happen that would make me want to go back and pick the show up, but really it doesn’t sound like it would be worth it.


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