BC 27: Rock and Roller Clover Wars

Black Clover episode 27 review

BC 27

It’s a nice, happy episode for much of this one, with general friendliness being shown amongst the characters. However, there’s also a war brewing, off in the background. Personally, I don’t care either way. While this wasn’t necessarily a bad episode, the preceding episodes have sterilized me so much to this series that I don’t have any horse in the race. I guess we’re rooting for the Clover Kingdom, right?

There was some stuff with Charmy, other stuff with Asta’s “rival,” and then stuff with Asta’s real rival Yuno. None of this really leads anywhere. Hopefully Black Clover can get me hooked again, but right now it looks as if this series is too far gone.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

HxH 100: Show, don’t tell

Hunter x Hunter episode 100 review

HxH 100.png

First off, can you believe it’s been a century of episodes so far? Sadly we are far removed from the “better days” of the Hunter Exam arc and the Yorknew City arc. Good times are gone, replaced with mediocrity.

It couldn’t have possibly gotten any more mediocre than this episode. You ever hear the phrase “show, don’t tell”? This episode spent its entire time telling us everything that was happening instead of just showing us stuff. This becomes a bigger and bigger problem as this arc drags on, with the narrator flat-out telling us everything after a while. Trust me, if you thought this episode was annoying and preachy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Unfortunately, Hunter x Hunter has gone off the path and fallen off the turnip truck. Now its only hope rests in one character. Can she save the series? All our hopes rely on her. Her eyes tell the path to whether Hunter x Hunter can be rescued from mediocrity. You can see her in the closing credits. She is our hope. If only she could see what dire straits we are now in.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2