Jojo SC 41: All-Star Baseball 2000

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 41 review

Jojo SC 41

What’s the greatest baseball video game of all time? There’s a real debate to be made here between All-Star Baseball 2000, MVP Baseball 2003, and MVP NCAA 06 Baseball. All three are excellent simulations of their sport, with the former two MLB games and the latter one a college baseball game. My nod goes to All-Star Baseball on the Nintendo 64, simply because it delivered the game of baseball on a weaker platform (64-bit) yet managed to still be quite the simulation.

In this episode, Kakyoin loses the game of F-Zero X to D’Arby in a very F-Zero X way – knocking the other machine off the map, only to have him land further down on the track for a bigger lead. (This is why I know this game is almost certainly inspired by F-Zero X.) Kakyoin has now lost his soul.

Jotaro agrees to wager his soul for Kakyoin’s, while D’Arby agrees to let go of Jotaro’s arm to give him a fair match. Now it’s time for a baseball video game. And in one of the funniest moments I’ve seen on Toonami for months, we find out that the super-confident Jotaro has never played a video game in his life! He’s just hitting buttons randomly, and his player on the screen behaves accordingly stupidly.

But then he Mary Sues his way into four home runs in the first inning, which, in case you don’t follow baseball, is so exceedingly rare that you could probably count on one hand the number of times a team has hit four consecutive home runs. After that inning, D’Arby hits a couple homers of his own, and maybe this video game is simply a home run derby. That’s the only reasonable explanation for Jotaro being this good this soon.

As we leave off, the two are prepared to get into a bluffing war just as D’Arby’s brother did. And even though Jotaro is somewhat of a Mary Sue, I still think this was one of the best episodes of Jojo since this arc began. In fact, it was the only thing of any sort I enjoyed this week on Toonami. I hated pretty much every other show. So thank you, Jojo, for saving Toonami from mediocrity.

Character of the episode: Jotaro

Episode rating (out of four stars): ****

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