MHA 6: Cosplay

My Hero Academia episode 6 review


Everyone is raving about an episode of My Hero Academia from season three, and I’m sitting here wondering how people got so into it when the story is so cliched. You’ve got this villain who hates the main character for absolutely no reason at all. You’ve got a love interest who just fell right into Izuku’s lap. And you’ve got a main character who doesn’t give you much reason to cheer for him. What about this show is any good?

Start with the villain. He gets cast as a “villain” for the test by sure coincidence, and he absolutely hates Izuku. Why? That has yet to be explained. You can’t just have a villain for the sake of needing a villain. There has to be something about him that causes him to think the way he does.

Then the love interest. If it was this easy to hook up with girls, there’d be no need for dating websites. Izuku literally does nothing at all, and he’s got a girl in love with him, fawning all over him. This is not in the least bit realistic. In fact, it’s the opposite of realistic. It’s the exact opposite of what happens in the Earth we live on.

Finally, we’ve got a main character who’s basically Shinji Ikari. Besides the blatant rip-off of a character from another series, he gives me no reason to be interested in him at all. I have little reason to cheer for him over the villain. I just don’t see what’s interesting about him.

Please tell me this series gets better. I know I was low on Hunter x Hunter, and look where that went. Hopefully this does the same thing. If not, expect a lot of posts like this.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *

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