HxH 98: Mind-numbingly boring

Hunter x Hunter episode 98 review

HxH 98

In one of the most boring and confusing episodes yet, Killua tells Gon all about the Ants’ plan, because he’s suddenly gone from not even being allowed in the NGL to being a total expert up and down of every single facet of the country. Gon’s head explodes as he does, and then Killua has the nerve to yell at Gon for feeling the same way every viewer must have felt. This is the type of stuff that causes people to tune out.

Then we get even more of this crap from Knuckle and Shoot. By the time Gon gets around to battling an Ant, the audience is sterilized from all the boredom we sat through for most of the episode. This is the direction Hunter x Hunter is going, and it’s not good. Don’t worry, it only gets worse.

Character of the episode: Gon

Epiosde rating (out of four stars): *