FLCL:P 2: I need your golden-gated city like a hole in the head

FLCL: Progressive episode 2 review


I know FLCL is supposed to be weird, but at least the original series was funny from time to time. This is just bizarre stuff with no real point to it. There’s unnecessary sexual stuff thrown into each episode for shock value and little more. There’s also the fact that Haruko is now the villain, or at least she seems to be.

What was the point of bringing FLCL back, again? I’d almost rather be watching “Joe Pera Talks With You” than this.

Episode rating (out of four stars): half a star

MHA 5: Shot put

My Hero Academia episode 5 review


For the first time, I feel like My Hero Academia is on track. The premise behind this episode is that Izuku goes to his new classroom, only to find a bizarre teacher who has every intention of making him drop out. If he finishes last in the field test, then he’s out. Izuku’s only hope is to figure out a way to use his newly earned power. Meanwhile, All Might looks on watchfully.

All Might’s character design annoys me, and for that matter the entire animation of this show gets on my nerves. This isn’t a beautifully animated show like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Instead, it’s a bit lazy in the animation department. That being said, this was the first episode that I enjoyed, as it looks like we’re finally going to get more characters involved and have a goal in mind.

Character of the episode: Izuku

Still not much competition here.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***