Jojo SC 38: Iggy’s Casino

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 38 review

Jojo SC 38

Remember that old Mario fan site called Lemmy’s Land? It’s defunct now, but at the height of its popularity, it had a section called Iggy’s Casino. A “tourist” could risk their “Koopaling votes” in a vain attempt at winning more. I never tried it, assuming the odds were not ever in my favor. Lemmy’s Land and its message board forum single-handedly gobbled up my first two years of college. Once I stopped posting there in 2006, my grades went way up and I became a much better student.

This Iggy is a talking dog. That’s right, Iggy can talk. And Iggy is up against a falcon that’s actually a Stand user. So much of this episode is the battle between Iggy and the falcon. Talk about a stout Falcons defense. If the Falcons were this good on defense, they would have won Super Bowl LI for sure.

I thought the talking dog thing was pretty funny. This episode was actually very good, even though I lost a little bit of interest near the end. Throw in the beggar scene with Polnareff, and you’ve got a great episode. (By the way, did Jotaro even speak in this episode?)

Character of the episode: Iggy

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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