MHA 4: Boku no Boredom

My Hero Academia episode 4 review


My Hero Academia is supposed to be the latest and greatest thing, but sorry, I’m not buying it. This show is more cliche than even Black Clover. Every single thing that happened in this episode, I predicted long before it happened. I could see it all coming from a mile away. And now we have our romance, just like that. The OTP has already been decided, 4 episodes in.

Keep in mind that I also hated Hunter x Hunter early in the first arc, as it too fell into the same problems. But HxH redeemed itself thanks mainly to Tonpa (the rookie crusher) being a jerk and throwing a wrench into everyone’s plans, and then that in turn caused the other characters to get more and more development, and it also caused the obvious plot to become not so obvious. MHA has the same potential, but right now it’s blowing it. I don’t have any reason to think this is going to be any good.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2