E21 87-88: Pro Bowl

Eyeshield 21 episodes 87-88 review

E21 87

Eyeshield 21 names its Pro Bowlers – or, in this case, their starting XI. Sounds like something out of soccer, because in football there are many more than just 11 players on your team. Why would there only be 11 all-stars when there are far more than 11 positions on the field?

It’s the least surprising thing ever that Sena gets named to the team. What is surprising is that Kurita also makes the team. Someone saw how important he was to the team and nominated him even though he’s kind of a lovable loser. Of course Shin is named MVP; if you didn’t see that coming, you must not be paying much attention.

The one guy who’s on the bench is pouting, and I don’t blame him. I forget his name, but the fact that Hiruma won’t ever substitute him in even when the team has just about 13 total players, is ridiculous. This would never happen in real life.

It reminds me of my school’s junior high basketball team. We had a tiny school, and about 10 kids tried out. Our school actually had CUTS. Meaning, instead of keeping backups, they cut half the kids. How does that make sense when your school is so small? A parent complained and got the whole roster on the team, which only made sense. Why in the world would you cut players when you’re hurting for members in the first place? Such was the madness that was Pittsburgh East Christian School. (I celebrate my 15th anniversary of high school graduation on May 31.)

The second episode this week is just silly stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s only there for the sake of humor. It has “1st down, 2nd down, 3rd down…” all the way to “10th down” which are pretty much 1-to-2-minute shorts with a quick bit of humor. It’s better than a recrap episode, I’ll say. There was one of them, I think 9th down, that was hilarious. All the members of the team are all over the city, and suddenly Hiruma comes on every single TV screen in the whole city, telling them to meet him for some practice. The hilarity of every person’s TV turning to Hiruma, even on the streets, in a stadium, and elsewhere, is simply unmatched. Hiruma is the best. I love that guy. Even though he has guns, which I’m a big anti-gun guy (even though I’m conservative). Get past the guns, and you can fall in love with Hiruma.

Episode 87 rating (out of four stars: ***1/2

Episode 88 rating: ***

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