BC 23: Generic

Black Clover episode 23 review

BC 23

I’ve noticed site traffic is way down in the last few weeks. Have I not been controversial enough? I can always say something stupid to get people going, right? Maybe I can make the claim that Black Clover is a genius anime…

… but it’s not. Black Clover is so generic. In some cases, this isn’t bad. For example, I drink lots of orange pop. (We don’t use the word “soda” around here.) Orange pop comes from many different companies, and the generic stuff doesn’t taste all that different from the brand-name stuff. So generic sometimes can be good.

… but there’s something psychological about generic stuff. You get it stuck in your mind, “This isn’t as good because it costs less.” And orange pop may all taste the same, but let me tell you that I always go for Orange Crush over Orange Plunge or Faygo Orange.

So Black Clover is just a generic shounen anime. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that there’s nothing special about it. It’s the same old stuff every week. I don’t really get any pleasure from watching it, but at the same time I don’t get angry at it like I do with Jojo or Hunter x Hunter. It’s just… there.

And this was a generic episode. Nothing special happened. It wasn’t that not much happened, like we say around here, it’s just that it was the same old stuff. And because of that, I’m losing interest when watching this show.

Did I mention that Asta now has a third rival? Yeah, now we’re going overboard.

Character of the episode: Asta

Episode rating (out of four stars): **