E21 85-86: Offside penalty

Eyeshield 21 episodes 85-86 review

E21 85

Taki commits an offside penalty, and all heck breaks loose. An offside penalty, by the way, is a rather common penalty. The penalty yields only 5 yards. The only real thing it can do to you is allow a bigger play if the offense is able to avoid being sacked and take advantage of the free play. Yet everyone acts like Taki just cost his team the game, and Hiruma orders Taki to the bench.

Then, in bizarre fashion, Taki starts blaming God for his failure, and goes to the locker room to pout. Now I’m sure the “God” Taki is blaming is probably not the Christian God, but in any case this makes no sense at all. It reminds me of a NFL game where Bills receiver Stevie Johnson blamed God when he dropped a game-winning touchdown pass. Taki then resolves to go up against God and do better.

He comes back into the game after another player gets gassed. This time, he blocks an opponent to allow Sena to score. But here’s the thing: he was actually holding on the play! He was committing a penalty here, too! But there was no flag, so the touchdown counts.

In the following episode, Sena returns a punt for a touchdown as time expires to win the game. The chances of this happening in a real football game are so remote that I can’t even put a number on it. I will say that it did happen in an Eagles-Giants game back in 2010, but in this case, Sena returned the ball from the 1-yard line and went 99 yards for the touchdown. That’s totally ridiculous.

But what am I complaining about? This is anime. And if it somewhat teaches people about the sport of football, I’m all for it.

Episode 85 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 86 rating: ***

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