HxH 95: Tom Kite

Hunter x Hunter episode 95 review

HxH 95

I’m having a bad time remembering what happens in these recent Hunter x Hunter episodes, so I again watched this one a second time to find out. As it turns out, the reason I couldn’t remember much happening was that not much happened in the first place. Cheetu fights Knuckle and Morel, and all that happens to him is that he gets the interest thing put on him. Then Knuckle and Morel just suddenly decide to go back to the real world out of nowhere.

They have managed to get Kite. However, the “Kite” they bring back is a monster that wants to do nothing but punch Gon. Gon, of course, being a good Naruto, decides to take all the punching as “training” (or maybe just some masochism). Eventually Gon decides that he’s going to heal Kite no matter what.

Then we’re a few weeks in the future, and Gon’s Nen is back. He is about to use it on Morel, because Morel wants him to go all out against him. Killua stops Gon from going all out like he had planned. Yeah, there’s not much to talk about. All of this is just preparing for the next battle.

Then we’ve got three teams of two to take on the royal guards. Wouldn’t it be smarter to split up Gon and Killua because they’re clearly the weakest? Instead, they’re put together. This cannot end well.

Character of the episode: Gon

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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