BC 21: Call me Captain

Black Clover episode 21 review

BC 21

In the worst and most annoying recurring joke since “End transmission!” on Lemmy’s Land back in the early 2000s (or was it the “Mario-is-stupid” joke?), the character named Sol gets obsessed with her friend calling her Captain. If it had only been said twice, I could have lived with it. But she said it five times. That’s beating a horse to death.

Anyway, the royal capital comes under attack, and instead of just looking out the window to see if it’s true, the royal people decide to argue with each other instead. Finally Asta goes nuts and wants to save the day, and then all the others follow suit. Did I mention that Asta now has a new “forced” rival? Black Clover is becoming a parody of itself.

Character of the episode: Asta

Episode rating (out of four stars): **