Jojo SC 35: Chris Moneymaker

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 35 review

Jojo SC 35

Good old Jojo. After a string of bad episodes, it finally comes through with a good one. This one is outstanding. D’arby gets into a betting match with Jotaro, and the two of them just keep on betting and betting, finding more and more souls to bet. Finally D’arby can’t take it anymore and he just flops over, unable to take the pressure of all the betting. He had four kings – and they’re not in the back.

What did Jotaro have? Well, this was the predictable part – he had nothing, of course. But even though you could see that coming a mile away, it was still a very entertaining (and humorous) episode. Now we can finally say that Jotaro did something!

Character of the episode: D’arby

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

E21 83-84: Flea flicker

Eyeshield 21 episodes 83-84 review

E21 84

In episode 83, Musashi finally rejoins the team and kicks a field goal. Then the two teams get into a field goal-kicking contest. Their offenses must be completely useless at this point, because all they want to do is kick.

There’s also a play where the other team (Bando) tries an onside kick, and Musashi kicks the loose ball out of bounds. Such a play would be illegal. There would be a 5 or 10-yard penalty on Deimon, and Bando would get a rekick. In short, this just couldn’t happen in real life.

But in episode 84, something happens that could happen in real life. Sena takes a handoff, plunges up the middle, then as he’s about to be tackled, passes the ball back to Hiruma, who throws a touchdown pass to Monta. That’s called a “flea flicker,” and it’s one of the most fun plays in football to watch. Give the writers credit for getting it in here.

But Deimon’s still losing by 8. Can they come back?

Episode 83 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 84 rating: ***1/2