MHA 1: Where have all the heroes gone?

My Hero Academia episode 1 review


The question is whether or not My Hero Academia is any good. The short answer is: Yes, it is. But what’s the long answer?

To start off, let’s get the obvious comparison out of the way. Izuku wants to be a hero, but has no “quirk” that gives him heroic abilities. Where have we heard that before? Oh, that’s right, Black Clover has the exact same premise. So My Hero Academia is nothing new. This show isn’t going to win any points in the originality department.

Izuku is sort of a crybaby who gets picked on by bullies at school. Again, very predictable, but it works. What happens is that after getting bullied, he ends up attacked by a snake-like monster. A hero known as All Might, who just so happens to be Izuku’s favorite hero, comes and rescues Izuku. From there, Izuku is enamored with All Might and wants to be like him.

Overall, I thought it was a solid first episode. It’s not that there’s anything new or original about this show, but it was a good set-up to the show. My biggest problem is that I can’t remember any of the names of the bullies or other heroes. Hopefully they say them enough times to get me to memorize them, or else I’ll have to pull out the old subtitles. In any case, I think this show got off to a fairly solid start.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

One thought on “MHA 1: Where have all the heroes gone?

  1. My Hero Academia excels at taking the ordinary and cliche story line and filling it with energy. Don’t ever expect it to break the mould as it is telling your standard story, but it does it in a fairly polished way (at least seasons one and two did, I’m still on the fence with how season three is going).


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