S7 13-14: Mechanical monsters

Samurai 7 episodes 13-14 review

S7 13

Don’t get me wrong, Samurai 7 has been a mixed bag up to this point. But like the episodes I watched last week, these ones contained so much action that it was hard not to be entertained.

The “bandits” that are attacking the village seem to be mechanical monsters. They can talk and act like humans, but we don’t see any faces. This is very confusing to me, because I’m not sure whether there are humans inside them, or if they’re controlled remotely by humans, or if they really are just machines. In any case, the samurai launch an attack on them and take one of the giant machines down.

But before we get too excited, the samurai hatch a plan to sneak inside the machines and destroy them from within. If that’s not enough, Kirara goes and gets herself captured seemingly for no good reason, and I can’t figure out whether she did this as part of a bigger plan, or on a whim. In any case, the samurai are now inside the “bandits” and wreaking havoc on them, and rescuing Kirara.

The biggest problem Samurai 7 has is that only 3 of the 7 samurai are memorable. The other 4 all blur together. So far I seem to be cheering on those 3 while not realizing who the other 3 are or what they are doing. At least, though, we aren’t back in the Michiko & Hatchin aimlessness days of this show.

Episode 13 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 14 rating: ***