HxH 93: Kim Jong-Un

Hunter x Hunter episode 93 review

HxH 93

The King goes ahead with his murderous intentions and kills off the “Supreme Leader” of the NGL who looks a whole lot like Kim Jong-Un. Then the King goes on a left-wing rant on how humans are just as evil because they kill cows and pigs. You can make the argument that since he’s a bad guy, we’re not supposed to agree with him. But, since I’ve seen the end of this arc already, I can tell you that this left-wing PETA-esque argument is forced down the viewers’ throats and it’s not just something we’re supposed to dismiss. I hate when shows thrust their beliefs down my throat. No, I’m not evil because I like hamburgers and bacon. Killing humans is not the same as having a steak.

In any case, there’s also a bizarre subplot about Gon taking Palm on a date. All the while, Gon is being stalked by Ants, and Killua has to protect Gon. This leads to Killua getting into a battle with an Ant at the end of the episode. Most of this episode was just those two on a date. Palm is shown to have signs of being normal, which is the main purpose of this episode. Other than, of course, promoting vegetarianism.

Character of the episode: Palm

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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