TFo0 F 10-12: Perfect ending

The Familiar of Zero F episodes 10-12 review

TFoF 12

This anime had a better ending than even Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After 4 seasons of hand-wringing, angsting, and worrying, we finally get the ending we deserve: Louise and Saito getting married, and Saito getting to go back to Japan – with Louise (which is what makes it perfect). When you have an ending this perfect, it doesn’t matter how haphazard the episodes were preceding it: the details don’t matter.

The Pope is the sacrificial lamb in all this. A giant dragon attacks the land of our heroes, and someone has to die – so it’s the Pope. Once he’s dead, all the different kingdoms team up to kill the giant dragon. They fail. So Louise uses her magic to send Saito back to his original world – not to save them, but so he doesn’t have to die with them. This is such a grown-up Louise from when we first met her.

But Saito will do anything for the woman he loves. He somehow gets possession of a fighter jet (again, the details don’t matter) and flies it into a solar eclipse (yet again, the details don’t matter). This enables him to go back to Louise’s world, where he uses the fighter jet to destroy the giant dragon and save everyone, with the help of Louise’s magic.

Then they get married and kiss and everyone goes to their wedding and it’s all roses. Not only that, but in the final credits, we see Louise and Saito go to Saito’s world (modern-day Japan) to finally bring closure on what had been the biggest problem I had – wouldn’t Saito feel homesick after a while? Well, now he’s home. And married. And happy. And The Familiar of Zero ends with a bang.

Episode 10 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 11 rating: ****

Episode 12 rating: ****

One thought on “TFo0 F 10-12: Perfect ending

  1. Clearly I need to go back and rewatch this because I barely remember anything that you described here happening (I kind of remember the flying into the solar eclipse). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and hopefully I’ll get to watching and reviewing this soonish.


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