S7 9-12: Something happened on the way to heaven

Samurai 7 episodes 9-12 review

S7 10

Something funny happened on the way of Samurai 7 becoming irrelevant… it became pretty good. We’ve met our seven samurai, and most of them have differing personalities. What’s more important, we’re actually moving on to an interesting plot here, with the samurai finally back to the village which they have to protect. Episodes 10 and 11 were particularly good, as they centered around some of the individual samurai’s personalities as well as the villagers.

Overall, it’s still pretty forgettable on the whole, but it’s at least getting better. It’s at least not the snooze-fest it was earlier on.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 10 rating: ***

Episode 11 rating: ***

Episode 12 rating: **1/2