Kare Kano 12-13: Uno

His and Her Circumstances episodes 12-13 review

Kare Kano Uno

Last week I skipped Samurai 7 and The Familiar of Zero F; this week I’m skipping Is It Wrong. But as for these two episodes, they were something else. The first of them contains a game of Uno. That’s right, that Uno game you see above. It’s got the real-life Uno cards, so one must wonder if they got the rights to use Uno in the show. The show also does a better job at teaching the viewer the game of Uno than it does making us understand the intricacies of the characters’ relationships.

That was episode 12; as for episode 13, we get a pretty good storyline with Tsubasa not wanting her father to get remarried, and then her potential step-brother inadvertently insulting her by saying that he can’t wait to have a kid sister (spoiler alert: she’s actually older). Hilarity ensues, and Second Impact occurs. Literally. Remember, this is Gainax we’re talking about.

Both episodes weren’t bad, which makes me feel happier that I’m still watching.

Episode 12 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 13 rating: ***1/2