E21 79-80: The big reveal

Eyeshield 21 episode 79-80 review

E21 79

The episode description on Crunchyroll gave away what would happen in Episode 79. Nevertheless, I’m glad it did, because that caused me to pay extra close attention to it. Sena finally reveals to Mamori that he is actually Eyeshield 21. I think they played this up perfectly and set it up for a great reveal. Suzuna is able to finally say Sena’s name in cheering, and Sena is finally able to receive the glory that he earned from all his great play. Mamori finally accepts the fact that Sena is a football player, and then they get the game underway.

But the Spiders have something special saved up for the Devil Bats. They are a great “kicking team,” which I don’t know what that means because in football you either have a good kicker or you don’t; it’s an individual position. The Spiders decide to start the game off with an onside kick, a la New Orleans in Super Bowl XLIV. Here’s something you need to know if you’re not a football fan: onside kicks have an average success rate of 10%. They are extremely rare to recover and most of the time are game-enders.

Not so here. The Spiders recover an onside kick, then choose to kick a field goal from there. Another fact you need to know: from the position on the field an onside kick can be recovered, no kicker in the human race could ever convert a field goal from that far. It would be about a 70-yard field goal. That’s not humanly possible. So when the Spiders kick the field goal from there (a bizarre strategy if I’ve ever heard one), they have pulled off two events with a probability less than winning the lottery three consecutive times.

They then recover another onside kick. The odds of recovering two onside kicks in a row is just about 1%, but it has happened before in a high school game, just not in any NFL game in my memory. This time, they don’t just kick a field goal from an unreal distance; they choose instead to score a touchdown, which makes a lot more sense.

So now the Devil Bats are down 10-0 to the Spiders, who line up for another onside kick. This is the “Spider Web,” they say. Once you’re caught in the web, you can’t get out. It’s a great storyline, to be sure. It’s just completely beyond the bounds of believability if you know anything about football.

Episode 79 rating (out of four stars): ****

Episode 80 rating: ***

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