HxH 92: God Save the Queen

Hunter x Hunter episode 92 review

HxH 92

I don’t believe in numerology, but here’s a creepy one for you: this episode all centered around the Queen is episode #92. Guess who turned 92 years old on the day this episode aired in America? That’s right, Queen Elizabeth II. Isn’t that something?

There’s no saving this Queen, however. She has one last wish: to name the King “Meruem.” This is the Queen who hated the concept of names; now her last wish is to give a name, so we see she’s come full circle in death. And now she’s gone, leaving behind just a baby, which Colt must take care of.

This is the last bit of positiveness I can remember from Hunter x Hunter. Maybe there’s a little bit when Gon and Killua hang out with Palm, but after this, the show gets really, really dark, and there’s no turning back. The King is about to unleash a world of terror.

Character of the episode: Queen

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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