HxH 91: Who’s the king?

Hunter x Hunter episode 91 review

HxH 91

Apparently Cell of Dragon Ball fame is the king. That’s exactly what this “king” looks, talks, and acts like. He kills off Peggy, the narrator penguin, and also kills off a couple of human parents and their child. Remember this, people! Don’t be swindled by the writers who will eventually try to humanize this “king.” He is not a good guy, not at all! He doesn’t deserve redemption! (Actually, that’s very deep, I could make a really serious post out of that idea.)

In any case, we don’t see Gon and Killua lose to Knuckle and Shoot, but they do, and now Killua has to protect Gon for 30 days before leaving him forever. The way Killua said it in such an overdramatic voice (not helped by his miscasting) made me laugh instead of feeling bad, so they obviously flubbed that part. I don’t remember it sounding so stupid the first time I watched it. Maybe I’m just turning into a sub elitist, though. “Boku no!”

Character of the episode: Colt

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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