Is It Wrong 4-6: Felt

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? episodes 4-6 review

Is It Wrong 4

Lili from Is It Wrong is basically Felt from Re:Zero. They are absolutely the same exact character. They’re both thieves, they’re both kind of tomboyish, they’re both super-emotional, they both get really angry really easily for really no good reason at all. So when I watched these 3 episodes which for the most part jettisoned Hestia in favor of Lili, I felt like I was watching Re:Zero all over again.

Felt I mean Lili earns Bell’s favor early on, and they start going into dungeons together. All the while, Lili is stealing from Bell and taking more than her fair share. Bell is too naive to notice – this is one of the key parts of his character. He defends her when she’s threatened, he saves her when she’s left to die, he does whatever he can to rescue her. And at the end of episode 6, after he’s saved her once again, she becomes hysterical and lets him know how stupid he is.

Honestly, I enjoyed the dynamic between Hestia and Bell a lot more than these two together, but in any case it was still enjoyable. Sadly I’m already halfway through the 13 episodes. This series is just flying by and it’ll be no time before I’m on to the next one.

Episode 4 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 5 rating: **1/2

Episode 6 rating: ***

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