TFo0 F 7-9: When elves attack

The Familiar of Zero F episodes 7-9 review

TFo0 F 8

A bunch of elves attack our heroes, and Saito is captured along with Tiffania. While they’re captured, Tiffania kisses Saito and makes him her new familiar. Louise is obviously upset about this, but before she can get mad at Saito, she first has to save him. So she uses her Void magic which works sort of like a plot hole in that anything she wants can happen, and in this case she just appears out of nowhere to bring Saito back with him. Some of the elves jump sides and choose to be good.

In the ninth episode, Tabitha/Charlotte is crowned queen of her land, which is refreshing because I thought she was going to do the good old “I don’t need to be queen” business. And there’s lots of fanservice throughout, which is what The Familiar of Zero is all about. All three episodes include tons of fanservice and kept me laughing. That’s all I really care about. Just give me my fanservice and make me laugh, who cares if the plot makes sense. Sorry, that’s just the way The Familiar of Zero is; it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are only 3 episodes to go until I complete the series.

Episode 7 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 8 rating: **1/2

Episode 9 rating: **1/2

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