Kare Kano 8-9: Jealousy

His and Her Circumstances episodes 8-9 review

Kare Kano Tsubasa

Episode 8 is so “slicy-of-lifey” that pretty much nothing happens aside from a kiss between Arima and Yukino. Yes, there’s buildup to the kiss, but I found it boring. The goal of the episode was to show a normal day in Yukino’s life, and that just didn’t interest me.

In episode 9, we meet Tsubasa, who is ultra-jealous of Yukino’s relationship with Arima and tries to ruin it. Her comical attempts at breaking them up are actually quite funny and well worth the watch. This episode improved greatly over the one prior, and gives me some reason to keep watching.

Episode 8 rating (out of four stars): *

Episode 9 rating: ***

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