E21 75-76: Begging

Eyeshield 21 episodes 75-76 review

E21 76

This week’s episodes were boring as heck. The first one was a game between Ojo and another team, and by this point I don’t care about the other teams; I only care about Deimon and its players. Ojo wins, by coming back in the last minutes, as cliche as it possibly gets.

The second episode isn’t much better. It consists pretty much of just Sena and Monta begging Musashi (the kicker) to come back and play for the team. In the end, Musashi doesn’t really change his mind, he just says that if his father gets better (from collapsing), then he will. It was really boring no matter how you slice it.

This series needs to get back to what made it good: focus on Sena and his friends trying to become better at football. Unfortunately, all these detours with watching other teams’ games full of characters we don’t know, or flat-out begging someone to rejoin the team and said character saying “not yet”… well, you get the point.

Episode 75 rating (out of four stars): *1/2

Episode 76 rating: *1/2

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